Combine the elements, unleash the passion

We can’t control the elements but we can battle them... and when we come out victorious we gain that sense of calm
— Anonymous

The Vision

Having launched ellemenTRI it has quickly gained a reputation for creating beautifully crafted bespoke triathlon fashion for confident women, who know their own style. From the beginning, ellemenTRI has had a clear vision and focus, to create affordable, luxurious and high quality clothing, where we pride ourselves in paying close attention to the style and design of each piece.

Style & Quality

The brand is underpinned with a free spirited and ultra-feminine aesthetic, and now also offering mens kit . Our designs are brash and packed with attitude. We mix classic silhouettes with rich colours, textures and bold prints. Under the creative direction of the founder. Each collection is created by our in-house design team, to ensure that the true essence of the brand is captured in every style.

Our Aspirations

As an independent brand we’ve had amazing growth, and we are looking to expand further. ellemenTRI aims to inspire women and men - in triathlon fashion and in their thoughts. Be part of our inspirational journey and follow us on social media….